A few months ago, a friend of mine was telling me how he was worried that someone like Donald Trump could be the next President of the United States of America. My reaction to his comments was to reaffirm that Trump was simply using the platform to create one of the best brand awareness campaigns ever made. Trump has no experience in99dd795cea328109e7e54c5830708181 government and his narcissism would be enough to make any congressman or president blush. His sole qualification is that he is a business mogul that doesn’t mince his words. He has been wired into the American mainstream with shows like the Apprentice and his TV personality. I thought his image as a TV personality and a narcissistic businessman were going to be his downfall, but in actuality this is what sets him apart from all other candidates.

Jump to where we are now, I am not even sure what to think anymore. It now seems that the only candidates with a chance of winning the presidency in the US are Hillary and Trump. In other words, most Americans are being asked to vote between being kicked in the balls or punched in the nose. Trump and Hillary are probably the two worst possible candidates out there. It’s as if people think “Well we just had the first black president, why not have either the first woman or retarded president?”.

Trump is promising ‘To make America great again’ with plans to bring more manufacturing jobs to America and build a wall on the Mexican border. There is a reason manufacturing jobs have been exported to Mexico and China, they are not economically viable and services jobs yield a higher profit. Bringing back unprofitable manufacturing jobs to America will require government subsidies that will only intensify government debt in America. Of course Trump knows this but he also realizes that is what people want to hear it.

His statements run along the lingo of protectionism and he knows he is feeding this crap to people who want to hear that it is China’s fault Americans have fewer jobs, it is Mexico’s fault there are drugs and violence in America. Instead of looking inward and asking the questions as to how America can solve these problems, Trump would have people look outward and blame everyone but themselves.

The issue with this protectionist rhetoric is if Trump is elected and he puts legislation in place to raise tariffs on foreign products, it would create a tariff war and whatever gains America would make in the short-term, they would lose a lot more in the long-term if other countries decided to put high import tariffs on American goods. This is what happened in 1930 when the Smoot-Hawley Tariff was enacted and 20,000 products from abroad had higher import-tariffs.  People at home were forced to buy American products that were manufactured and sold at a higher price, hence the only people who benefit from a protectionist policy are businesses and not consumers.

hitler in a crowd

At the core of what Trump says, he is trying to bring across a message that he can change the system of governance in America and make what was once great about America in the past, like manufacturing and nationalism, will be a staple in American life again. His ‘good old days’ mentality probably has forgotten to include institutional racism and McCarthyism.  His message wants to instill hope in people that America will once again be a world leader and will respected. The only problem is that with isolationism and protectionism, America would no longer be the hegemon it still is today and the world will look to the EU and China for leadership in our globalized world economy.

What makes Trump so inspiring in many ways, is his rallies. He has a playlist of songs to be played for every rally and it includes everything from the Rolling Stones to Creedance Clearwater Revival.

1 – “You Can’t Always Get What you Want” – Rolling Stones
2 – “Tiny Dancer” – Elton John
3 – “Heart of Stone” – Rolling Stones
4 – “Let’s Spend the Night Together” – Rolling Stones
5 – “Uptown Girl” – Billy Joel
6 – “Time is on My Side” – Rolling Stones
7 – “Rocket Man” – Elton John
8 – “Tell Me” – Rolling Stones
9 – “Nessun Dorma” – Luciano Pavarotti
10 – “Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding” – Elton John
11 – “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. – John Mellancamp
12 – “Born on the Bayou” – Creedance Clearwater Revival

He behaves more like a Pantomime character than he does a businessman or a presidential candidate. For anyone who isn’t familiar with what a pantomime is, it is a staged show for children which is wacky and usually tells the story of Aladdin or Jack in the Beanstalk.


The Pantomime is boisterous and over the top and entertainment for the lowest common denominator. This is what Trump is doing. He is playing music at the right time to engage his audience, he is telling a fairytale about the evils of progressive society and China to the crowd and at certain times in the rally, he will out someone for being a protester and earn the respect of the crowd. He is running a Pantomime, not a Republican Campaign. I dare say it, the fallout from Trump will haunt Republicans in the future and if Trump does win the presidency and makes a balls of everything, the Republican Party may have to completely reinvent itself.

The issue with Trump is not that he is popular, it is why he popular. What he is saying does strike a chord with many Americans who are unsatisfied by the way their country is being run and most importantly their image abroad. Trump makes it important to distinguish ‘us’ and ‘them’ when he is discussing jobs going abroad. It was Doug Standhope who made the point that the image of immigrants being lazy, thieving, uneducated morons is self-deprecating because if someone who is a lazy, thieving, uneducated and can’t speak the language can come to America illegally and manage to take your job, then you are a loser. Illegal immigrants do the jobs most people don’t want to do. Could an American do the same sweat shops hours a Ling Ling in Guangzhou? I don’t think so, and that is besides the point because the overheads alone in America are too high for that to even be sustainable.

As a European, I find it hard to believe someone like Sanders is being sidelined for someone like Hillary Clinton. The same Hillary who has been a yo-yo on all controversial topics. Sanders is someone with a high caliber of integrity and he is the President America deserves. Lets look at the Bills Sander’s has recently sponsored.

  • 2399: Climate Protection and Justice Act of 2015
  • 2391: American Clean Energy Investment Act of 2015
  • 2398: Clean Energy Worker Just Transition Act
  • 2242: Save Oak Flat Act
  • 2237: Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015
  • 2142: Workplace Democracy Act
  • 2054: Justice is Not For Sale Act of 2015

Sanders was arrested in 1963 in Chicago while attending an Anti-Segregation rally. This is a man who throughout theBernie_Sanders_Arrested_1963_Chicago_Tribune years has stayed true to his values. It does sadden me that he will not be president because as hard as he may try, It will be either Hillary or Trump that will be sat in the White house next. The message that this sends is that integrity and track records don’t matter in the face of a candidates brand. Hillary and Trump are not candidates, they are brands that they are selling to the American voters. At the moment it is the Cola wars and the victor will gain the presidency of America. All that can be said now is, I hope Trump and Hillary don’t screw things up worse than they already are.