Taipei, Taiwan- I can’t say I have a lot of love for Hillary Clinton. She is obviously the lesser of two evils in a political situation that pits two candidates for control of the single most important country in the world. I can’t vote in the American presidential election, but I follow it just as much as anyone who is interested in politics in America. The reason behind this is because the American political landscape influences the rest of the world. The Presidency, House of Representatives and Senate in the United States influence the outside world. Let me put it to you this way, if Al Gore had won the presidency in 2000, would the invasion of Iraq happened? A President isn’t a fickle matter and being given the option of Trump and Hillary is possibly the worst choices to have.

Trump is a populist amateur who is promising to create and upheaval in the political system. Gavin McInnes brought the argument forward that Trump doesn’t belong to the political system. In fact, he has made his money by way of creating a business model that works. He can’t be bought or influenced by the lobbyists because he already has enough power and innovation to ignore them. Instead, he can focus on making America great again.

Except, he does belong to the political system now. He is a Republican candidate, not an Independent one. His wealth and success is born out of how he had networked and brokered deals. He also isn’t the self made man that he claims to be. He belongs to a section of society that is elite. Frankly, he isn’t the Messiah that he wants voters to believe he is. Even his trip to Mexico had simply reinforced the notion that he can’t be a president.

At first, I had thought Trump didn’t want the presidency. He wanted the best marketing campaign to sell his brand, himself. It made sense to me, here is a man so out of touch with reality and is playing himself to be bigger than life, how could he possibly be serious about running the most important country in the world? It turns out, he was serious. He comes across more as satire than a presidential candidate.

And then there is Hillary. Oh Hillary. You are the better option, but I wonder after a 4 year term who will be your opponent. Hillary is the best option for now, but her presidency could breed more resentment and it could be possible that Trump could run again and win. Her policies, both domestic and foreign will be nothing special and I am sure the only thing she will be remembered for will be to be the first woman president. A title, which frankly, will lose it’s appeal when a few woman presidents reach office and outshine Hillary for the opportunistic hack that she is.

But I digress, it seems as if Presidential candidates are becoming more and more like celebrities and than a political representative for 51% of the American people. It was seen with President Obama when he was taking selfies and singing. His celebrity status was quite well deserved because it wasn’t forced. President Obama might have ordered more drone missile attacks than Bush, but he sure knew how to be a cool suave guy, and not the blubbering idiot that George Bush was.

Trump has used the media to get free publicity, that otherwise someone like Hillary would have to pay for because she has the likability and suave of a geriatric who has shit themselves. Trump throws a bone to the media. That might be building a wall and making the Mexicans pay for it or calling all Mexicans rapists (he loves Mexico). He spreads his message out there and the media rip it a part, have needless analysis and grow Trump’s support while ostracizing people who already don’t like him. He can’t lose when it considered that the people who hate Trump already hate the guy and he can only get more supporters with stunts like calling Mexicans rapists.

Hillary’s presence in the media has amounted to very little. For the longest time, most articles just focused on how she could be the first woman president, then it drastically took a turn with her private emails becoming leaked and her eventual two-faced nature being brought to the attention of anyone with a computer or television. One second she is talking about supporting same-sex marriage, the next there is a clip of her stating she would never support it. She is an opportunist with low to little morals outside of what favours she might owe. And she is going to be the next president.

The last news that popped up on the interweb about Hillary was about her being sick and having to leave the 9/11 fifteenth anniversary remembrance early. Headlines like “Hillary Clinton Stumbles — Will Her Campaign Follow?”, “Does Hillary Clinton have a classic case of walking pneumonia?”, “Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia Jolts the Presidential Race”.


We get it! Hillary is sick. She is 68 years old, why does the fact she is sick surprise a soul? She is running for the presidency of the United States, traveling like crazy, stressed to no end and under immense pressure. How can anyone be surprised she is sick? Why does it even matter. She is one of the most influential people in the world right now, not like she is going to be lining up to be seen by some out of college doctor who can’t figure out how to pour medicine on a spoon! She has access to the best doctors and health care in the world. The backdrop to everything is her campaign has faltered somewhat recently. Pollings indicate Hillary and Trump are pretty even on the split of votes. The fact she is sick is telling that her campaign looks as if it starting to buckle under the pressure.


I,Hypocrite posted this on Facebook recently and shows the way the media catering the masses. On the one hand it is going to report on Hillary being ill because everyone else is. They will sense people like me are irritated by this and will in-turn report that her health is of no importance to the presidential campaign. So which is it Washington Post? I mean, the entire point of me reading newspapers online or on print is to get an opinion from a decent journalist. Are you going to turn around and tell me that you honestly can’t decide on your viewpoints simply because one is popular now and another is popular later? That right there is a lack of integrity. Fair enough, your staff are entitled to write whatever they want, but surely you should have put all the opinions of your staff into one cohesive article and left it at that. I can’t really criticise, my lay-out looks like a bombed went off inside a fireworks factory, but at least i’m consistent in my level of loathsomeness towards your lack of intrepidity.

The only cult of personality I can see being born out of Hillary’s campaign and subsequent presidency will be one of sheer apathy towards her. She will do nothing special, the House of Representatives will remain mostly Republican. She is going to be a terribly boring president who will not initiate much change and whoever comes after her, be it Trump or someone better or worse, they will win. Thanks Hillary!