Here is a blog I wrote on civil society in Taiwan and it’s importance to the LGBT community.

Nihao's It Going?

On the 17th of October, lecturer Jacques Picoux committed suicide. His death was a rallying call that led to a social movement that was bolstered by the 2016 Pride Festival in Taiwan. His death galvanised members of both the LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ community to call for same-sex marriage to come into law. Legalising same-sex marriage would prevent further suicides in the LGBTQ community. Picoux’s apparent suicide was the result of current laws in Taiwan not granting gay partners the same rights as married couples.

Although the Pride Festival is an important event that showcases a high level of citizen participation in civil society, the 2016 Pride Festival was hugely significant for engaging citizens to participate heavily in protests and activities directed towards changing legislation in the Taiwanese law. Pride in 2016 has greatly affected civil society in creating democratic protests which are both for and against same-sex marriage. It was…

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