The Mossy Film Review

I have nothing to declare except my own stupidity

About Mossy

I’m Mossy. I’m a freelance writer. This is where I like to share some of the things I wouldn’t ordinarily display elsewhere. 

I am currently an immigrant in Taiwan, living in Taipei. I decided to study a Masters here and I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to allow me to do so. Otherwise I’d be standing in line for my dole in Ireland.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what I want to say, but I don’t really spend a whole lot of time editing it. I know, a terrible habit for someone with a blog. I’m hoping that can at least change somewhat.

I guess the main things I like to write about are films, weird stuff that happens now and again and hopefully in the future some personal stories. I’ve got too many personal tales that I am frankly, too shy to post on the World-Wide-Web.

If I don’t bore you to death, or you have read this far (Which I doubt but thanks if you have) you can keep up to date through a little Facebook page I threw out a while ago.

If you want to contact me for whatever reason, you can at Mossykong(at)


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